Huawei Honor Band 4: review of a multifunctional fitness tracker


Natalie Vesna 07/28/2020

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On September 5, 2021, a presentation of the new Huawei Honor Band 4 fitness bracelet took place in China, the release date of which in Russia was October 28. This device may well become a competitor to top-brand sports trackers, which have become almost an everyday attribute of users who are partial to a healthy lifestyle and sports.

Our review of Honor Band 4 will reveal all the characteristics of the device and its functions. We will also tell you what the sales price of the new product is and where you can buy this fitness tracker.

Features and Features

display time/date/day of weekmessages from social networks
real-time heart rate measurementPossibility of use in the pool
various training modesstep counting
sleep monitoring with TruSleep technologycalorie intake
calculation of distance covered, trajectoryweather information
telephone number identificationtimer
notifications about incoming and missed callsstopwatch
notifications about incoming and unread messagesalarm clock/smart alarm clock
phone searchsedentary reminders
smartphone notificationsdisplay activation by raising your hand
Huawei camera remote controlchange dial

Design and display

The Huawei Honor Band 4 sports bracelet is not much different from its predecessor. It has a rectangular watch face with a round touch-sensitive Home button at the bottom of the display.

The rubberized strap is replaceable, so you can replace it with a silicone strap of any color. The clasp is metal.

There are two versions of Band 4: NFC and Standard. A version without a contactless payment chip will be supplied to the international market and it has three color options:

  • blue
  • black
  • purple (closer to pink)

The dimensions are 43 x 17.2 x 11.5 mm and the weight is only 23 g.

The fitness tracker is equipped with a 0.95-inch bright AMOLED color display with a resolution of 240 x 120 pixels, which is capable of displaying up to 45 Chinese characters. In direct sunlight, the information is clearly visible. The screen brightness can be adjusted.

Plus, the display is covered with 2.5D tempered glass, which is more scratch-resistant than the plastic material found in most fitness trackers.

The firmware supports Russian language. Also in Russian is the Huawei Health application, in conjunction with which the bracelet works.

The back of the tracker contains a heart rate sensor (pulsometer) and charging connectors.

By the way, it has its own charger, and in order to charge the gadget, you need to attach the charging unit to it and connect it to a power source via a USB cable.


1. The main screen provides the necessary information:

  • time/date/day of week
  • bluetooth status
  • battery indicator
  • weather
  • received notification
  • number of steps taken

2. Shift down to get to the Messages section. Unread messages received on the smartphone are stored here. If they are read on the phone, they are deleted from the bracelet.

3. The More menu item, containing several subsections that you can navigate by swiping:

  • dials
  • phone search
  • timer and stopwatch
  • brightness (3 modes)
  • reset
  • reboot
  • shutdown
  • notarial acts
  • bracelet details

4. Payment by AliPay. In our region, this function is not yet relevant, but perhaps over time the tracker will support other payment systems.

5. Training. This section includes several presets for various workouts:

  • run
  • running on a treadmill
  • walking outside
  • a ride on the bicycle
  • riding an exercise bike
  • swimming in the pool (with recognition of swimming styles, laps and speed)
  • free training (automatic monitoring of various sports)

Each workout has the opportunity to set a goal.

After training, the bracelet provides a set of data:

  • speed
  • training time
  • number of repetitions/circles
  • distance
  • maximum heart rate
  • average heart rate
  • calories burned

Data can be synchronized with the mobile application and the results can be shared with your friends.

6. Sleep. Information regarding the amount of time you sleep. Huawei TruSleep technology, based on PPG, automatically identifies sleep time and sleep states: light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep and wake-up. Based on the collected analysis, the user can receive from a specialist many suggestions on how to improve the quality of their sleep. And even use the Smart Alarm function.

7. Pulse. Number of heart beats per minute in real time. It uses TruSeen technology developed by Huawei. Thanks to this technology, the Honor Band 4 fitness bracelet continuously monitors 24-hour cardiac activity.

8. Pedometer. Here you can see how many steps you have taken per day and how close you are to the goal that is set in the application.

Video review of the interface:

First connection

To pair the device with a smartphone for the first time, you need to connect it to a power source, that is, remove the strap and insert the module into the USB connector, the tracker will turn on:

Once the following screen appears, you can begin connecting to your phone:

To interact with the fitness bracelet, you must install the Huawei Health application on your smartphone. The first step is to register an account in the application, and only then pair it with the bracelet.

To pair, you need to go to the “Devices” tab and select “Add”, then select “Smart bracelet”, after which the database of available devices will be updated and Huawei Band 4 will appear among them - click on it, then click “Pair”. On the tracker screen, confirm the pairing notification - you're done.

After pairing, the bracelet will automatically set the Russian language, time and date.


ScreenColor touch AMOLED Resolution - 240 x 120 Diagonal - 0.95 inches Shape - curved rectangle
Size and weightCase – 43 mm x 17.2 mm x 11.5 mm Strap – 126 mm x 95 mm Weight – 23 g
MaterialsStrap – PU Case – plastic Display – 2.5D tempered glass
Water protection5 ATM (50 m) IP68 Pool-swimable
BluetoothVersion - 4.2, 2.4 GHz
SensorsSix-axis accelerometer Heart rate sensor PPG Infrared pulse sensor
Main functionsPedometer Heart rate monitoring Sleep tracking Alarm clock (up to 5 pieces) Smartphone notifications Sports modes Incoming call notifications
Alert typeVibration
BatteryCapacity 100 mAh Charging time about 1.5 hours Standby time - 30 days Battery life - 10-14 days, with scientific sleep tracking enabled - 6 days
ApplicationHuawei Health
CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 or higher iOS 8.0 or higher

Autonomy Honor Band 4

With active notifications and physical activity monitoring during workouts, the updated Honor fitness tracker worked for about a week, although the battery capacity is only 100 mAh.

The gadget is charged via a Micro-USB cable. The standard is outdated, but widespread; most will not have problems with what to connect the bracelet to. By the way, the cable is securely attached and there is no fear that the charging process will accidentally stop.

Application and connection instructions

As we mentioned above, the bracelet works in tandem with a mobile application called Huawei Health. It is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Our connection instructions will help you connect the bracelet to your smartphone.

  1. Bluetooth must be turned on on your phone.
  2. Download and launch the Huawei Health program.
  3. We find the Honor Band 4 watch in the list (if it is not there, update your device and restart the application).
  4. After selecting the bracelet, click Connect.
  5. Confirm login on the tracker.

The software makes various settings for the gadget, and also provides more detailed information with data on training, sleep quality, distance traveled, number of steps and much more.

Here you can also set alarms, message notifications and weather information.

The user interface of Huawei Health is intuitive and understanding how to use it is not at all difficult.

HUAWEI Health app

To operate the bracelet, you will need a proprietary application for working with HUAWEI and Honor wearable electronics. We recently got acquainted with it and since then the set of its capabilities and functionality has not changed. The interface is divided into three screens: general information, where all the information from the bracelet is collected, training mode and bracelet settings. In the application, you can choose which programs you will receive notifications from, customize the sequence of menu items in Band 4 and other small options.

Our reviews and conclusion

Reviews about Honor Band 4 are mostly positive. This is due to its low price, affordability, versatility, and health and fitness tracking capabilities.

Light weight and waterproofing up to 50 m makes the device comfortable and practical to wear. This budget option quite boldly competes with the more expensive top-brand sports trackers on the market.

Honor does not stand still, offering new advanced technologies. In addition, for those who love to run, the brand has also released a Band 4 Running Edition, which is attached to shoes and offers all kinds of tracking options for running, walking and cycling with accurate metrics and data.

Have you already bought the Huawei Honor Band 4 bracelet? You can purchase it both on the official website and in partner stores and even on Aliexpress. Write about your experience of use in the comments.

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