Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (Mi Smart Band 4): instructions in Russian. Connection, functions, setup

I have access to my account

For the bracelet to work correctly, you need to pair it and link it to your smartphone. After this, the gadget will be able to transfer data on sleep quality , statistics of calories burned, distance traveled to the phone, and also save all the information.

The connection is made using a Mi account. So the Mi Fit application itself will help you perform the desynchronization procedure between your smartphone and bracelet in a few clicks .

The main thing is that the owner of the device remembers the login information for the account.

How to untie a lost Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from a smartphone

To untie the bracelet from your phone you need:

  1. Go to the official Mi Fit application, “ Profile ” tab.
  2. The user will be presented with a list of paired devices. One of them will be the Mi Band bracelet
  3. Select it by clicking on the gadget name in the list.
  4. In the menu that opens, scroll to the very bottom, find the “ Untie ” item - it is presented as a separate button.
  5. Confirm your action, wait until the data from the bracelet is erased , and confirm your consent again.

It is very easy to untie the bracelet, but to do this you need to remember the data from your Mi account.

Why untie a fitness bracelet from your phone?

At the moment, the most popular bracelet is Xiaomi Mi band 4.

They also connect to the phone using a special application and work via Bluetooth. The process of untying the bracelet itself works with almost all models of Chinese watches, so it will fit all versions.

You may need to untie the bracelet in completely different situations, from simply giving this device to someone, to the fact that it needs to be sold. It is important to carry out this procedure correctly. If this is not done correctly, the user risks damaging his device, losing his account, and also receiving other unpleasant consequences for the device.

Despite the reason for decoupling, there are various situations and conditions for its implementation. The person may not have access to the account. Then you need to follow a completely different algorithm, which is worth talking about further.

For owners of a Mi Band device, this is quite simple, since the device is adapted to the user. All methods, capabilities and algorithms are available in it, adapted to almost every situation.

If you can’t do the decoupling yourself, you should contact a special service center. Almost every city has branded departments, which are worth talking about further.

Without account access

People who have forgotten their Mi account details are facing the following problem. When you try to connect a new bracelet to your smartphone, Mi Fit notifies you that this cannot be done because another device is already connected . The same thing happens if you lose your smartphone: the old Mi Band 2 is not so easy to connect to a new device.

However, there is an opportunity. A non-official Diagnostic application was published online . It is able to disconnect Mi Band 2 from the phone, resetting the bracelet settings to factory settings.

After this, you can link a new Xiaomi account and synchronize with the new device.

Unlink using the Diagnostic application

How to use the application:

  1. Download and install Diagnostic on your smartphone.
  2. Enable Mi Band.
  3. Wait until the application detects the Mi Band. From the devices presented in the list, select the one you need.
  4. A kind of device window will open, in which you can select “ Firmware update ” or “ Reset to factory settings ”. You need to choose the second one.
  5. By pressing the button on the tracker, the user must confirm the reset.

So, after this the bracelet will be untied from the smartphone. Its Mac address will change, after which Mi Band 2 will connect to the new phone. By the way, it will be possible to link the new Mi Band 2 to the old gadget.

Untie using freezing

You can find another way on the forums, but it is doubtful. Thus, experienced users recommend bringing the Mi Band 2 charge percentage to 0 %, after which it can be connected to a new device.

To speed up the discharge process, it is recommended to hide the bracelet in the refrigerator.

Whether to do this or not is a personal matter for everyone. If none of the options worked, the question “how to unlink a device without a Mi account” remains relevant.

When is a Hard Reset needed?

The Hard Reset operation is necessary when using a reboot it was not possible to revive and restore the functionality of the device. The procedure clears the gadget's memory, deletes user interface information and the profile in associated utilities. There are different situations when you should perform a reset:

  • the bracelet is stuck in the selected mode and does not respond to external commands;
  • the gadget has not been used for a long time, and now it is not possible to synchronize with the phone;
  • the functionality declared by the developer does not work in full;
  • The connection with the smartphone via the application constantly disappears;
  • spontaneous deletion of human-set data, for example, watch face format.

This list of problems can be expanded. In any case, the user will understand when the fitness bracelet functions intermittently.

What to do if you can’t untie Mi Band 2

The application mentioned earlier is not always able to help if the user has forgotten the password. It may not detect the device, as a result of which the settings cannot be reset . The idea of ​​completely discharging the Mi Band 2 didn’t help either? Then there is another option.

Synchronize the bracelet with iPhone to reset

All that remains to be done is:

  1. Try to remember your account details;
  2. Find a person who owns an Apple smartphone/tablet. Ask to download the Mi Fit application from the AppStore. Next, launch the application and try to connect to the bracelet. It is likely that the utility will display an error asking you to perform a factory reset;
  3. Try to restore your Mi profile.

If none of the above methods help, you will only have to use the pedometer, watch and heart rate monitor in the Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

The procedure for untying the bracelet

So, to unbind your Mi Band, you need to log into the Mi Fit application with previously registered authorization data (usually the login is automatic if we are talking about deleting a pairing of two devices).

The instructions for this procedure are as follows:

  1. While in the main Mi Fit window, you need to go to the “Profile” tab.
  1. In the “My Devices” block, the connected Mi Band 2 will be clearly visible, which you need to click on.
  2. A window will appear with a delete cross in the center, after clicking on it and confirming the action to delete the connection, the bracelet will be untied from the smartphone.

How to properly unlink Mi Band 2 from a forgotten Xiaomi account

The only correct and sure way is Mi account password . This is quite simple to do if the user is the original owner of a Xiaomi watch.

Xiaomi has developed a service that allows you to create a new account password if the old one has been lost. To use it, you need to know the phone number or email (initially linked to the account during its registration).

  1. By going to the official Xiaomi website, namely the password reset page, you need to enter your email or phone number in the specified field, then click “Next”.
  2. The service will send the user a letter to his phone/email by pressing the “Send” button. You will probably have to enter a captcha .
  3. Next, you need to go to the next page, where you need to enter the received code. Also, there is a “Resendcod” button, that is, “ Resend the code ”.
  4. After confirming all actions, the user will be prompted to enter and confirm a new password.
  5. That's it, the password has been restored, you can log into your Mi account again and unlink the bracelet from your phone.

How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Removing the module from the strap

Although the manufacturer has moved the charging contacts from the end to the back of the capsule, the capsule still needs to be removed from the strap to charge the battery. To remove it, you need to grab the strap, pull it slightly to the side and press your finger on the capsule from the bottom, as shown in the picture below.


Insert the capsule into the charger so that the contacts touch tightly. Then plug the USB connector of the charger into the USB port of your computer, laptop or USB adapter.

The recommended current is up to 1A. If the current is stronger, nothing terrible will happen and the battery will even charge faster, but this may lead to faster wear. Typically it takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to charge to 100%.

I found someone’s fitness bracelet, what should I do?

If you find a bracelet, there are two things you can try:

  1. Find the owner.
  2. Use on your own.

Finding the owner is almost impossible if the bracelet is not lost in a dormitory/school/other institution where everyone knows each other. You can try to find the owner of the bracelet in a small town or village by posting an advertisement.

The second option is to use the bracelet for its intended purpose . True, without synchronization with the phone, you can only use three functions: clock, pedometer, heart rate monitor. You can try to relink the bracelet to another account through Xiaomi support . True, you will first have to convince the employees of this service that the bracelet is really yours. This way you can properly untie the device without any risks.

Don't forget about the application that was mentioned earlier. It can help you use the found Mi Band 2 bracelet.

What can Mi Band 4 do, what are its functions?

Despite the budget price and dimensions of the bracelet, it has quite a lot of functions:

  • Displays the time, date and day of the week (yes, even such a smart gadget can perform the functions of a regular watch that costs a few dollars).
  • Automatic heart rate monitoring and real-time heart rate measurement.
  • Track various sports modes including running, walking, cycling and swimming.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Counting steps, calories and distance traveled.
  • Notifications about calls, SMS and messages from social networks.
  • Activity reminders.
  • Alarm.
  • Weather forecast for the current day and several days ahead.
  • Timer.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Remote control of smartphone music.
  • Phone search.
  • NFC (this feature is only useful if you live in China and only in the Chinese version).


Why untie the bracelet from your smartphone?

  1. To resell the device.
  2. To give a gadget.
  3. To use the bracelet in combination with a new phone.

Is it possible to get help from the support service?

Really. You will need to provide a receipt, packaging, and a photo of the device itself to prove that it really belongs to the user. After this, we will either gain access to our Mi account or link it to a new one. This is a great way to unlock a tracker without your phone.

What should I do if I bought a Mi Band 2, but it is linked to another smartphone?

The first step is to contact the seller. If it doesn’t get in touch, unfortunately the user had to purchase a stolen/found tracker. Try to do all the above manipulations. If it doesn’t work, contact store support.

On different phones

There are reports that smart unlocking causes problems on other devices. Smartphones from Samsung, Meizu, Huawei and Honor run on the Android 5 operating system and higher. Therefore, they are compatible with the functionality specified in the next paragraph. In this case, you need to configure the phone through SmartLock.

The Flyme OS shell is developed based on Android. The latter is made by Meizu. Users often report problems related to unlocking via Mi band. OS 5 functioned well, but version 6 turned out to be more complicated.


Later Android updates have their own characteristics. The instructions for them are slightly different:

  1. Go to your phone settings and turn on screen protection.
  2. Activate the visibility of the bracelet in Mi band. In this application, the initial setup of the gadget is carried out.
  3. Connect the device via Bluetooth module.
  4. Return to your smartphone's security settings.
  5. Click on SmartLock, then “Trusted device” and “Add”.
  6. Select the linked Mi band 3.
  7. The result of correctly performed actions will be the appearance of a bracelet icon on the display. It will be with and without a check mark.


On this platform, it is impossible to configure unlocking via the Xiaomi tracker. To protect important information, there is a special FaceID technology. It removes the lock after recognizing the owner's face.

How to set up Mi Band 4

The application interface is divided into several tabs: training (all activity data), friends and profile. All settings are collected in the last tab “Profile”.

To go to the bracelet settings, you need to select your bracelet in the “Profile” tab in the list of devices.

The bracelet settings are as follows:

  • Watch face settings (loading one of the additional watch faces into the bracelet.
  • Screen unlocking (unlocking the smartphone when the bracelet approaches).
  • Call notification (display contact number and name, select vibration delay time for incoming call).
  • Events (reminders).
  • Alarm clock (you can create up to 10 alarms, as well as create your own vibration type).
  • Notifications (you can choose from which applications notifications will come).
  • Warm-up reminders (the bracelet will remind you to warm up at set intervals).
  • Notification of goal achievement (the bracelet will vibrate as soon as the daily norm of steps taken is completed).
  • Search for a bracelet (when pressed, the bracelet will vibrate).
  • Detection.
  • Location of the bracelet (on the right or left hand).
  • Activate the screen by raising your hand.
  • Heart rate measurement settings (measurement method, frequency, notifications about exceeding heart rate).
  • Night mode (at night, the screen brightness will automatically decrease).
  • Run in the background (you need to allow the application to run in the background if Bluetooth is not working correctly or notifications are not received).
  • Display settings (change menu order).
  • Weather settings (selection of location and units of measurement).
  • Laboratory (setting the bracelet to lock when removed from your hand).
  • Check for updates.
  • Software version
  • Disabling the bracelet.

We also recommend filling out personal information, indicating gender, date of birth, height and weight. This data is needed to more accurately determine activity indicators. It is also worth setting a goal for the number of steps taken per day. Below goal setting you can find another very useful thing. These are behavior markers. With their help, you can “teach” the bracelet to more accurately determine the type of activity and, as a result, keep statistics more accurately.

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